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Managed by Experts


Effectively managing your mineral assets, specifically your oil & gas interests, takes a unique mix of skills. We possess the necessary accounting, engineering, management, valuation, and negotiating skills to maximize the potential of your oil & gas interests.

We will customize our capabilities into one complete service package to protect, enhance, and maximize your assets, including:

  • Oil & gas mineral rights 

  • Oil & gas leases

  • Non-operated working interests

  • Royalty interests 

  • Net profit interests 

  • Oil & gas investments

Oil and Gas Mineral Management for oil and gas mineral rights, oil and gas leases, non-operated working interests, oil and gas royalty interests, net profit interests and oil and gas investments
Mineral Management: Service

Let Us Help Your Oil & Gas Mineral Assets Reach There Full Potential

Each facet of managing your minerals to reach their full potential requires time, expertise, and detailed knowledge of the complexities of the oil & gas market.  Our combination of expertise helps create a singular focus on protecting, enhancing, and maximizing your oil & gas mineral assets.


Accounting for oil & gas properties can be the most tedious and stressful part of being an oil & gas property and royalty owner.   Our long-standing expertise, broad client base, and detailed knowledge of industry standards will alleviate your accounting and tax preparation headaches. Through comprehensive management and review of all receipts, expenditures, and land documentation, our team maintains your current records, ensures timely and correct receipts and payments, and can help prepare the necessary tax information for your reporting needs.  


Our company was founded as a petroleum engineering and oil & gas consulting company in 1974 and for over 40 years the dedication of our engineers to the thorough operational review of your oil & gas interests have been our top priority.  Through our extensive and comprehensive experience in managing exploration and production operations, we ensure that your mineral assets are being properly produced and marketed.


Negotiating a lease is the bedrock from which all future profits flow. By utilizing the latest oil & gas lease data, GIS mapping capabilities, courthouse data, and recent purchase transactions we will help you build a strategy that meets your goals for today and future generations. Our expertise will transform your goals into a strong foundation for your oil & gas assets in good times and bad.


With the combination of our team’s knowledge in software development, petroleum engineering, oil & gas asset valuation, and production management, we have created a unique software application tailored to managing, monitoring, and reporting on oil & gas mineral assets, oil & gas leases, royalty interests, and non-operated interests that ensures your assets are realizing their full potential.

We offer a comprehensive portfolio of services for the oil & gas mineral owner and investor. Contact us for more information.

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